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All forms of energy are expensive, but as time progresses, renewable energy generally gets cheaper, while fossil fuel generally get more expensive.

A portfolio of renewable energy technologies is becoming cost-competitive in an increasingly broad range circumtances.

Rapid deployment of renewable energy and energy efficiency, along with technological diversification of energy sources, would result in significant energy security and economical benefits.

Since we held the Indonesia EBTKE Conex (Energi Baru Terbarukan dan Konvensi Energi Conference & Exhibition) on Renewable Energy and Energy Conservation in 2012, the event is positioned as one of the defining sectors in Indonesia's Exhibition and Conference that rises people's awareness and seeking active participants in finding solutions for energy problem.




The awareness to Renewable Energy and Energy Conservation’s importance to help easing energy problem is just recently spreading, although their impacts have long been positively perceived. Policies has been formulated and applied to help raising the concern for renewable energy. The establishment of The Directorate General EBTKE is one of strategic action done by the government. Nevertheless, people’s awareness to importance of utilising renewable energy instead of fossil energy is still low. On the other hand, Indonesia is endowed with a huge renewable energy potential, still waiting to be exploited. High dependence on fossil energy seems hard to be reduced.


Annual growth in energy consumption has been averaging 7% a year, despite a limited supply of fossil energy. To avoid relying too much on fossil energy source, the Indonesian government plan to utilize huge renewable energy source to meet the energy needs in 2025.


Under this plan, 25% of national energy needs will be met with renewable energy sources. There’s also a national plan to reduce greenhouse gas emission by 26% in 2020. Both of these plans will be socialized in a proposed event to gain public awareness of New, Renewable Energy and Energy Conservation (EBTKE) programs.


This event will be held in Jakarta Convention Center, on 21 – 23th of August 2013 with theme: Renewable Energy & Energy Conservation for Better Life “We are Ready”. The proposed event is an opportunity for stakeholders to interact each other to enhance the implementation of national program as well as serving as business networking and seeking business opportunities. This event aimed at the establishment of a framework for socioeconomic and ecological acceptable energy provision, which will assure the increasing energy provision for the rural population through the utilization of renewable energy and implementation of energy conservation activities.



  1. Provide a venue to socialize and increase public awareness of EBTKE.
  2. Promote products and technologies on EBTKE sectors.
  3. Build and strengthen networking and partnering among stakeholders.
  4. Enhance cooperation between governments, businesses, investors, educational institutions and other agencies to achieve the EBTKE target.
  5. Stimulate the emergence of new entrepreneurs in EBTKE sectors and the increase number & capacity of EBTKE’s projects significantly in the near future.
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